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Some Emerging Guidance On Necessary Elements In por and para

When it comes to mastering the uses of POR together with PARA in Spanish, there's a brilliant, however potent method that will help you to in 95 to 98% of the cases and even more.

Rather than teaching all your uses of POR & PARA as all teachers do, I prefer to narrow down my teaching. Does which implies that I am teaching "less" than I should? I don´t think so.

In fact, my experience has clearly exhibited me that pupils are offered countless rules, patterns and uses that they are not able to use them well in the majority cases. What do I accomplish? I cut to the chase as I am going to show you.

When do we use PARA?

1. To express PURPOSE: Any time that in English you might use "to be able to, " in Spanish you must use PARA.

I work to make money (or.. in order to produce income)

Trabajo PARA ganar dinero.

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two. To show who the recipient of action is:

I paid for these flowers in your case.

Compré estas flores PARA tí­.

3. Showing destination:

I am going to Spain.

Voy PARA España.

several. When I want to share BY or To get a Precise TIME.

I want your answer by Monday.

Necesito tu respuesta PARA el lunes.

These are all the instances when PARA is utilized. When do you use POR? In the rest of the instances. Just that! Any time you ought to say something & doubt whether to speak about por or para, just undergo this checklist mentally: a) TO BE In a position TO b) RECIPIENT c) DESTINATION D) Specific TIME.

You need to find more about Por and Para rules right now.

If what you want to convey fits any these possibilities, then the word to use is PARA. If it doesn´t, employ POR.


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